Host Elysabeth Alfano dishes and drinks with celebs on The Celebrity Dinner Party. What funny stories and inspirational insights do celebs and influencers have to share from their road to success? Over food and drink the unscripted conversation flow, as Alfano sits down with some of the most prominent chefs, actors, directors, musicians, comedians, politicians and sports figures to find out! Live streaming and filmed in front of an audience and viwers that shares in the food and conversation, The Celebrity Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano airs on Ch. 19, TiVO and WGN Plus. Check out the new Dinner Party web series from the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles below.

Below are some of the funniest moments from the The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano. The best conversations really do happen over dinner!

Moby on His Creative Process, His Life’s Work and the Vegan Prom
Sundance: Badass Joan Jett
Sundance: Nicolas Cage Gets Real with Director Panos Cosmatos and Linus Roache about Mandy Film
A Love Fest with Ethan Hawke and the Cast of His Film, Blaze
Sundance: Debra Messing, John Cho and Aneesh Changaty, the Director of the Film, Search
From Sundance, The Game Changers Movie Breaks Open the Myth About Meat
Sundance: Maggie Gyllenhaal & Cast of The Kindergarten Teacher
Musician Glen Hansard on Love, Music and Playing with Bono
Academy Award Winners Helen Mirren and Director Taylor Hackford
Done with Hair Dye: The Wild Ride to Grey!
Kevin Spacey
Jeremy Piven
Sizzle Reel
Oscars Chef Wolfgang Puck and Mixologist Charles Joly
“Hell or High Water” Movie Producer, Gigi Pritzker
Academy Award Nominee, Michael Shannon
National Geographic Photographer, Paul Nicklen
Michael Moore
Julian Lennon
Joel Murray & Curtis Armstrong
Stone Temple Pilots: Robert & Dean DeLeo
Margaret Cho
Billy Corgan
Michael Madsen & Elaine Madsen
Russell Simmons
Gloria & Emilio Estefan
Rookie Founder, Tavi Gevinson
William H. Macy & Top Chef Heather Terhune
Joe Mantegna, Steve Harvey’s Bela Gandhi and Somm Jon McDaniel
Macy Gray
John Mahoney
Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford & (Photog) Zack Whitford
Mark Ruffalo
Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams, Dr. Ian Smith & Cathryn Michon
Woody Allen
Morgan Freeman
Academy Award Winner Kevin Kline
Joan Allen
Chgo Fire’s David Eigenberg, SNL’s Katie Rich, Goodman Theatre’s Robert Falls
Reese Witherspoon
NPR’s Peter Sagal, Violinist Rachel Barton Pine, SNL’s Tim Kazurinsky and more
Academy Award Winning Director, Alexander Payne
SNL’s Nora Dunn on Lorne Michaels & Warren Beaty

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