SNL’s Nora Dunn on Lorne Michaels & Warren Beaty

May 4th, 2012



Oh, this was a good one! Nora Dunn kept us in stitches, Peach Carr showed us her fashions and Lane Alexander danced his heart out. Paul Kahan gave us heavenly food and joined in the conversation. Rosemary Fanti document everything through her fashion illustration, Michael O’Briant’s paintings donned the set, and BAM! was the opener! Yawza! What a party. If you missed it, click below and enjoy. The next Dinner Party is June 25th. Get your tix.

Below, check out the highlights of the show, Nora Dunn doing a Lorne Michaels impersonation and telling a great Warren Beaty story, Lane dancing and Peach showing off her latest fashions.

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