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Buy Tix for the next Dinner Parties on the links below.

The February 17th Dinner Party includes guests include Susan Messing, Comedienne and Improviser, Chef Tim Graham of Travelle Restaurant, Andrew White, Artistic Director of Lookingglass Theatre, Jordan Mozer, International Architect and Host, Elysabeth Alfano. The opening act is the wonderful Anna Fermin.

March 31 Dinner Party includes guests chef and TV personality, Rick Bayless, author Sara Paretsky and New Yorker Cartoonist Pat Byrnes, chef Carrie Nahabedian with host Elysabeth Alfano. The opening act is Joan Collaso. Tix available soon.

May 12th is the last show of the Spring season. Tix available soon. We return for the Fall season in September.

The Fear No ART presents The Dinner Party podcasts will be available soon.  Until then, visit Dinner Party clips here or listen to the Fear No ART podcasts below.


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Welcome to Fear No Art Chicago’s Podcast section. Here, you can subscribe to our audio and video podcasts, allowing you to watch or listen to our artist interview shows anywhere you go. By clicking on one of the choices below, you can download all of the webisodes to date, or just the newest one, along with future webisodes. The audio podcasts are simply an audio version of our shows. We also provide three quality video versions of our shows so you can choose the best way to watch. There is some information below about podcasts and which version you should choose. Enjoy!

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What is all this podcast stuff?
Essentially podcasts are a simple way for creators like us to give you access to our shows on the go. Most people associate podcasts with audio only, but in the recent years video has become a new way of making our shows portable on devices like your iPhone and iPad.

Which one should I choose?
Well, if you are the type who likes to listen, the audio is the best. Some like this when they are driving in the car in the morning. For those with slow Internet connections, like Dial-Up, choose the Low Video Subscription. This is a lower quality video that is much smaller, allowing you to download it faster. If you have a faster Internet connection, like DSL or Cable, then you might like the High Video Subscription. This is a much better quality video you can view on larger screens without loss of quality. If you are a techy type person and have a fast Internet connection, choose the HD Video Subscription. This is 720p HD video all the way and looks great on a big screen TV.

Do I need anything to subscribe or watch the shows?
Well, considering nearly everyone uses iTunes these days, as long as you have iTunes already installed, once you click on the Subscribe links above, it should automatically open up iTunes and start downloading the latest webisode. From there, if you would like to take our show on the road, you would need some sort portable electronic device, like an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. We have not fully tested the podcast feeds with other softwares, but there should be no doubt they should work with them, since essentially everything out there works around iTunes.

So how do I do this all?
Simply click one of the appropriate links above, where it should open iTunes and begin downloading the first show instantly. You also have the choice to start downloading other shows as well. Just click the Get or Get All buttons next to them to start. The best part about podcasts is that the instant a new webisode is available, iTunes or your respective software will start downloading it right away. Podcasts are kind of like your DVR at home. When a new episode of your favorite TV show is on and you setup your DVR to record it, the DVR does its job and takes care of everything for you. All you need to do now is click one of the links above to start. What are you waiting for?

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