Academy Award Nominee, Michael Shannon

February 8th, 2017

As we gear up for the Academy Awards, Nocturnal Animals nominee, actor Michael Shannon sits down with me for food and drink as we dish on cooking, his creative process, working with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Leonardo di Caprio and Martin Scorsese, being nominated for an Academy Award…and bourbon! Want some insight into the elusive artist and no-bs actor? Listen in!

Audio breakdown:
3:00 food and cooking
7:30 dropping out of high school
9:00 What does the future hold? Do you consider yourself a star?
11:00 Pressure of feeling special
15:00 Emotions in acting; What makes a good actor
18:30 Working with screenwriter, Tracy Letts
23:00 Tough times nad an Academy Award nomination
27:00 Working with Leonardo di Caprio
30:00 Working with Philip Seymour Hoffman
34:00 Overworking and fame
37:00 films vs. theater
38:20 Communication and human nature
43:25 Working with Scorscese and getting Boardwalk Empire

michael shannon 2

Some quotes from Micheal in this interview:
“Most human beings communicate very poorly. Because they can hear, they think they can listen.”
“People are just fumbling through life…and have no idea what they want or how they feel. Most people are in the dark.”

michael shannon podcast

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