This Holiday, GIVE ART (Blog # 3)

December 11th, 2011

Its the third installment of Fear No ART’s, “This Holiday, GIVE ART!” blog.  I am counting down the 22 days before 2012 by Facebooking one art suggestion a day and consolidating these suggestions into blogs of 11 each.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to buy the painting that you think your significant other will like that is hanging in your favorite  artist’s studio, café, or gallery down the block.  And, of course, art doesn’t begin and end with paintings, so I branch out here and offer a plethora of ideas, all with the general sentiment of This Holiday, GIVE ART!  

22. One of the best gifts to give is a gift that helps someone reach their goals. This is what Paul Klein does in his classes at Klein Artist Works; he helps artists reach their goals of success while remaining true to their art. And word on the street is that Klein is starting up classes for collectors, as well, so there is no need for anyone to feel left out. This gift will help an artist you know grow to their full potential. Not a bad thing to give.  The artwork to the right representing Klein Artist Works is by Mark Staff Brandl.

21. Ahhh, to be a quadruple threat: to sing, to write songs, to play instruments AND paint! This is the case with artist and blues singer, Nicholas Barron, who apparently never sleeps. Get one of the paintings early on by this veteran musician and be one of the smart ones who can say, “I knew him when…”

20. Coming together again for book #7, The Lost Panoramas, When Chicago Changed Its River and the Land Beyond,  the fabulous duo of writer Richard Cahan and photographer Michael Williams have recovered and printed the photographs of the incredible engineering feat that was reversing the Chicago river in the early 1900s. Outstanding lost views of our city and the surrounding areas are brought back to glory here in this incredible story and beautiful book. Stocking stuffer, check!

19. Before there was Kickstarter, there was the musical group of Poi Dog Pondering coming together in grass-roots fashion to raise money to press and distribute their own CDs. 25 years later, the band – -which has included over 40 members over the years,- – is launching their own wildly creative Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the 25 year anniversary DVD and CD release. Give and you will certainly receive in return, as the treats they give for various levels of donating are juicy, indeed! (photo credit: Matt Carmichael)

18. What I love about Virginia Mallard and her work is her incredible drive for discovery. Painting for over 60 years, this Calumet College of St. Joseph guest artist in residence remains a life force to be reckoned with and an example of the creative spark that never fades. Go, Virginia, go!

17. Food as art. Food as science. That’s the motto behind Moto chef and Future Food host, Homaro Cantu. If sharing an other-worldly dining experience ranks high on your list for you and your favorite foodie, make a reservation at Cantu’s newest veture, iNG, where he treats diners to a playful and edgy new interpretation of Asian food. Dine in pure creativity, where art and science heat up. Cantu is the first celebrity chef on our new show launching January 30, THE DINNER PARTY. (Photo credit: Planet Green/David Nicholas)

16. December 30 and 31st Tributosaurus becomes Prince! That’s right! The skinny man in purple from MN and his huge sting band will be channeled by the wildly talented Tributosaurus. Tickets will sell out for sure, so show your sweetie that have your priorities straight and nab a couple of tickets for this guaranteed heart-thumping good time by this band that becomes the real deal, covering a different music group every month, and never, ever, ever disappoints.

15. Have you ever passed one of Jeff Zimmerman’s 15 incredible murals around Chicago (at Oak Street Beach, on the side of building, or on the expressway) and wonder how you could ever own a piece of that great art? Never fear! Muralist Jeff also does residential scale works and people like you and me can actually own one to hang in our own home. How cool is that? Its like owning a piece of the city itself.

14. When one has artistic talent, it seems to infiltrate into all areas of their life.  This is the case with jewelry designer (and architect!) Helen Tsatsos of Rock Candy by Helen jewelry (to the right). Married to rocker and artist, Jon Langford (a guest on our new show launching in January, THE DINNER PARTY), Helen has taken small pieces of Jon’s artwork and other found gems and turned them into fantastic one-of-a-kind jewels. She calls them up-cycled treasures. I call them cool. Here’s your chance to be a rocker and rock some cool jewels by Helen. Oh, yeah, and when you are done gifting to yourself, it also makes a great gift for others!

13. Life is tricky. Life can be hard. It throws curve balls all the time. Some times we dodge them and sometimes we get smacked. Often I find myself saying, “Ok, hold-up. This is do-over.” If you feel that you can relate to this, then you know why I am a big believer in Streetwise. I recently discovered Streetwise artist, Joe Molnar, and Streetwise poet, Moody Roark. I love their art and the new paths they are carving for themselves. I don’t believe in starving artists, just like I don’t believe in being homeless. Check them out, give something from them as a gift, and help the homeless…or your first name is Ebenezer.

12. Project Onward is a studio and gallery dedicated to the creative growth of artists with mental and developmental disabilities. Located in the historic Chicago Cultural Center, Project Onward provides workspace, art materials, professional guidance, and opportunities for exhibition and sales for artists who have exceptional talents but face challenges ranging from autism to mental illness. ‘Tis the season, and this is the part where we help our fellow man.  Put your money where your mouth is and support art as an opportunity for growth. Um, as with #10, give something from Project Onward as a gift or your last name is Scrooge.  (Photo courtesy of artist and Project Onward.)

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