Frank Orrall/Poi Dog Pondering

October 5th, 2010

John Manion is the chef for the April 1, 2013 Dinner Party at Chicago City winery, featuring guests Frank Orrall of Poi Dog Pondering, Peggy MacNamara, the only artist in residence at the Field Museum, and Brian Babylon, comedian and host on The opening act is Ted Seymour, resident choreographer at Ballet Chicago and the food is paired with wine from City Winery and Chocolate by Vosges. Get tix here. 

Poi Dog Pondering plays at the Metro in Chicago for Tale of Two Cities.  Austin: The Early Years on December 1 and Chicago: The Later Years on December 2.

Frank Orrall grew up in Hawaii swimming in the ocean in the day light and listening to his mother strum the acoustic guitar & watching his astronomer father count the stars at night. He started playing drums and percussion in his teens and played in many Punk, New Wave and World music bands there such as The Squids, Hat Makes the Man, Pagan Babies, Mumbo Jumbo and the Vacuum.

In 1984 he recorded a 5 song solo debut e.p. of original songs entitled Poi Dog Pondering, this was the beginning of his life as a song writer, musician and poet. Frank has moved PDP’s home base from Honolulu to Austin and then to its current home, Chicago. PDP has since released 7 albums and are at work on the 8th.

In the mean time Frank has developed a keen interest in cooking, and even developed and alter ego; Chef Franc (2 parts personal chef and 1 part guitar strummer for hire). For information on booking Chef Franc, please visit the Chef Franc website.

In addition to heading Poi dog pondering, Frank is also a member of Thievery Corporation‘s touring band (10 years), Palm Fabric Orchestra, Soft Dissolve & 8fatfat8

Frank lives in the Bohemian times of the 40’s in his mind, and tries to pretend that the modern world is an illusion. He likes to consider himself a painter, poet, musician & naturalist…and aspires to the Dandy life style of the bon vivant.

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