“Eye” Creator, Tony Tasset

July 13th, 2010

Though trained as a painter and sculptor, Tony Tasset works in a variety of media: photography, film, video, bronze, wax, even taxidermy. This catholic approach is shaped by the conceptual foundation of his art. With intelligence and wit, Tasset engages the legacy of modernism, postmodern practice and theory, popular culture, loss, love, and ideals of beauty. In recent years he has turned the dichotomy of his own identity – urban artist and suburban family man with a garden – into fodder for objects and images that are simultaneously ironic, serious, and deeply humanistic.

Tasset received his BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and his MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (1985). He is currently a professor of art and design at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Tasset has exhibited his works at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven; and Camerawork, London, among others. He has lived and worked in Chicago for over fifteen years.

For more information, visit www.kavigupta.com.

Eye coming togetherIMG_0285IMG_0292Eye with IrisIMG_0263

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