Jay Strommen

October 7th, 2010

Jay Strommen has a show of new work at Perimeter Gallery, 210 W. Superior St,  starting February 11, 2011

Currently my artistic nature is feeding on the “notion” of a quintessential interrelationship. Like smoke finding its way through the air into a pattern of unknown dimension and eventually dissipating into the whole. Similar to the lingering smell of the fire, my mind has been abiding in the light. Taking apart the four elements(earth, water, fire & air) that contribute everything to my art was not by chance. Within The “10,000 Try’s” accidents have happened, but one in particular opened the quintessential wide open and helped me begin the reduction process of my current explorations. Light being my first study of the four elements in this easing process. Framing, holding and sharing this elusive, but ever available substance is my aim.

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