Tony Fitzpatrick

February 21st, 2011

Tony performs at the Jan. 30 Fear No ART presents The Dinner Party.  The Dinner Party broadcasts the last Monday of every month on @ 7:30 CST.  For more information and to be a guest in the audience, click here.

Tony Fitzpatrick (b. 1958) has been a central figure in the Chicago art scene for many years. For many years Tony maintained an open studio on Damen Avenue, where people could walk in off the street and into the artist’s inner sanctum, a rare and delightful gift. Recently, after 17 years working in the neighborhood, Fitzpatrick has decided to transform his former studio into an exhibition space: Firecat Projects. Fitzpatrick has long been a proponent for artist’s empowerment, and is putting this to use in his new space. The space will operate as few commercial spaces do today, by providing all of the sales profits to the artists. To those who know the gallery business, this is unheard of, in a time when common commission on a gallery piece is 50%. Fitzpatrick maintains a thriving artistic practice, and new works can constantly be seen on his blog No. 9: An Artist journey.

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