Welcome to the Fear No ART Chicago blog!

June 8th, 2010

Welcome to the Fear No ART Chicago blog and the Behind the Scenes World

of Chicago’s Independent Artists

Fear No ART Chicago has been a creation in the making for a long time.  When I owned my glass art gallery on Superior Street, the most popular events by far were the artist studio visits.  Even if people weren’t particularly interested in glass art, or even collecting art at all, everyone was fascinated by the life of the artist.  What were they thinking when they made that?  What inspired that?  What was their studio like and how did they live?

With my textiles and accessories design company, the fascination with fashion designers was the same.  Do they live amongst swatches?  What about the creations gone wrong?  They are charging how much?  Are they crazy?!?@#*!

There is a natural human curiosity about the artist and by stripping away any of the pretension or barriers to entry around the arts, Fear No ART Chicago goes behind the scenes, where the public never gets to go, to discover the artists behind the art.

I hope you can join me quarterly on WTTW.  Our next episode will be in September.  In addition to the TV show, we have our website blog, our events Must C & calendar page, and our web-series which will launch bi-monthly in August.  (The web-series is super exciting, as we can cover ‘in-the-moment’ artists and their work!)

There are many reasons to visit our site and many ways to stay in touch.   And we will keep bringing you more videos and information about artists, their work in progress and the more intimate, natural, sometimes jarring and always off-the-cuff ponderings in the studio.

So sign up on the website, check out our Facebook page and join me on the next Fear No ART Chicago webisode in August and TV show in September for an all access pass into the fascinating and unique world of Chicago’s independent artists!  Stay tuned!

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