Author Scott Turow, Burlesque Dancer Michelle L’Amour, NPR’s Jim DeRogatis, Top Chef’s Heather Terhune

November 13th, 2013

Join us for the November 25th Dinner Party! Guests at the table will be author Scott Turow, Sound Opinions’ Jim DeRogatis, burlesque dancer Michelle L’Amour and chef Heather Terhune of Sable Kitchen and Bar. The opening act will be Jazz Singer Kimberly Gordon. Live sketching of the show by Rosemary Fanti. GET TIX HERE!

Heather Terhune will be making 3 Sister Rolled Oats Risotto with Mushroom, Fennel, Spinach and Fresh Herbs for the appetizer (watch below!) and Grilled Pork Belly from Slagel Farms, Roasted Butternut Squash Puree, Maple Gastrique and Crispy Kale for EVERYONE in the audience. Plus, chocolate by Vosges, Water by Voss Artesian Water from Norway, and wine from City Winery. Join us! Tickets on sale now.

As always, we will stream the show LIVE on The Sun Times Splash site the night of the show. Live stream starts at 7:30 pm CST.

Sable Risotto arrow  Sable_Chef_Terhune_7067-300x200

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