The Filming of the 1st Segment of Episode 2 of Fear No ART Chicago on WTTW

September 30th, 2010

Behind the Scenes:  the First Segment of Episode 2 of

Fear No ART Chicago on WTTW

On August 19th the Fear No ART Chicago crew, consisting of John Ford, Catherine Hickman, Tim Baron, Joe Lukawski, Josh Jones, and Nicole Nelson, took to the streets – John and Catherine leaving the HMS Studios by 6:30 am – – to meet outside the studio of ceramic artist Jay Strommen by 7:45 am.

After a few wardrobe issues – yikes! Where is that stupid Tide stain remover stick when you need one? – and loads of time unpacking and setting up equipment,  we shot the intro to the show on the roof and the intro to his segment in the hallway.  John and Tim got b roll shots and then we shot the interview with Jay in his fabulous studio.   Overall, we were there for over 3 hours, and  Kristin Klinger ( with Catherine and I peeking over her shoulder) edits it down to 8 minutes!

Here are some pictures of this first segment shoot.

Fear No ART Chicago airs on WTTW on

October 8 @ 8:30 pm

October 18 @ 10:30 pm

October 24 pm @ 5:30

October 31 @ 12:30 pm

Elysabeth Alfano is the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of Fear No ART Chicago on WTTW and the web series, Art Scene, on

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