The Dinner Party Launches with Celebrity Chef Homaro Cantu

January 11th, 2012

A new arts interview show, unlike any other, will premiere at the Mayne Stage on Monday, January 30.  The monthly Dinner Party invites 3 artists to a dinner created by a different celebrity chef each month.  Over appetizers and wine, the artists and host converse about the artistic process, and improvise a few performances, while awaiting the chef’s dinner creation.  The Dinner Party is hosted and produced by Fear No ART host, Elysabeth Alfano.

Discovery Channel Planet Green’s Future Food host and celebrity chef Homaro Cantu, owner of ING and Moto restaurants in Chicago, will be the inaugural chef, showcasing two of his most popular gastronomic delights for the premiere of The Dinner Party . We’ll release the delicious details over the next three weeks before The Dinner Party  launches, so stay tuned!

The Dinner Party opens to a live audience and streams live on the internet at Those who do get tickets to the Mayne Stage performance and live interview broadcast will enjoy a sampling of Homaro Cantu’s creations after the live broadcast.  Those who watch the show stream live can tweet in to win prizes and have their tweets read on air. (Use Twitter handle @fearnoartchgo)

Out of the “molecular tasting room” AKA Moto‘s mad scientist test laboratory, Cantu and his pastry chef Ben Roche, have become wildly successful and world-renown; they are considered leaders in the field of molecular gastronomy, employing Class IV lasers and liquid nitrogen to plate the most interplanetary menus. That’s a big stake-to-claim for Chicago, where creativity and cuisine go hand in hand. These are all reasons Cantu fits perfectly with the artist Tony Fitzpatrick, musician Jon Langford and Jeff Award wining director, Rachel Rockwell at inaugural Dinner Party table. “Expect the unexpected” as they say at Moto. Opening night of The Dinner Party will be no exception.

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