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August 3rd, 2010

It’s been two weeks, and that means it’s time for another Art Scene webisode. This time around, we at Fear No Art Chicago have been getting the inside story on Art on Track, a mobile art exhibition installed on a CTA train. Art on Track takes place this Saturday, August 7th, and will feature the work of ten different artists and art groups. This past Tuesday, Fear No Art Chicago Host and Executive Producer Elysabeth Alfano and videographer Tim Baron spent the day filming interviews with a few of these artists.

The day began at Columbia College, where we met with Art on Track founder Tristan Hummel. We escaped the madness of freshman orientation and set up shop in relative calm of the bookmaking department to film. Hummel joked his way through multiple takes and first-time interview jitters and found creative ways to pose with the various pieces of bookmaking equipment.  In his interview with Alfano, Hummel shared his hopes and expectations for the Art on Track project.

Our next stop was the basement of Columbia College, to meet with 3 Blondes and a Bald Guy, who will be responsible for creating an installation in a CTA car as part of Art on Track. The group consists of artists Jackie Capozzoli, Erin Cramer, and Haley Nagy, as well as curator Stephen DeSantis. Their project includes a variety of mediums, such as encaustic, paper molding, and performance; we got to see them preparing components for their Art on Track car. We took the opportunity to film them in action in addition to interviewing them about their goals and inspirations for their project.

Two hours and one unfortunate parking ticket later, we were on our way to the Chinatown neighborhood to visit the House of Frog. Highly talented designer Frog Greishaw, who is also preparing a CTA car installation for Art on Track, runs the fashion studio.  Her shop is almost interesting as clothes she makes there, a converted deli that features a meat locker turned dressing room (complete with pink shag carpeting). We took the time to talk to Frog about the plans for her installation and her fashion inspirations. Of course, Elysabeth couldn’t miss the opportunity to model some of these one of a kind pieces, and she tried on several looks in spite of 90-degree temperatures and no air conditioning.

At the end of the day, it took nearly 6 hours of filming to gather all the material needed for a 5-minute video.  Being involved in the arts, either covering art or creating art, is a full time job.  Take the time go into the artists’ worlds in this week’s Art Scene, and be sure to take a ride at on Art on Track this Saturday.

-Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson is a second-year graduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, going for her Masters in New Arts Journalism. She is currently the marketing intern at Fear No Art Chicago. When not writing or studying, she enjoys taking pictures, reading historical fiction, and finding art in unexpected places.

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