Rick Kogan

August 17th, 2011

Named Chicago’s Best Reporter and a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame, Rick Kogan is a senior writer and columnist for the Chicago Tribune’s Sunday section and creator and host of “The Sunday Papers with Rick Kogan” on WGN-AM.

Kogan began his career at 16, working for the Chicago Sun-Times during the tumultuous Democratic Convention of 1968. He was later on the staff of Panorama, the arts and entertainment section of the Chicago Daily News. When that paper ceased publication in 1978, Kogan joined the Sun-Times, where he worked the night shift, covering crime; served as entertainment editor; investigative reporter, feature writer and critic. His weekly columns on the city’s nightclub scene were collected in a book, “Dr. Night Life’s Chicago”.  By the mid-1980s, he was on the staff of the Chicago Tribune where he was TV critic for five years and later the editor of Tempo, the paper’s daily feature section. He was for five years the personal editor of the syndicated Ann Landers column. He has been an on-air reporter/critic for WBBM TV and radio and an Emmy Award-winning contributor for WFLD-TV.

Rick has written 14 books, including, in collaboration with his father, “Yesterday’s Chicago”, and in collaboration with Tribune colleague Maurice Possley, the best-selling “Everybody Pays: Two Men, One Murder and the Price of Truth”; “America’s Mom: The Life, Lesson and Legacy of Ann Landers”; “A Chicago Tavern,” the history of the Billy Goat, and “Sidewalks I” and “Sidewalks II,” collections of his columns embellished by the work of photographer Charles Osgood.

Currently Kogan is the host of the Tribune’s “Chicago Live!“, which takes place for four, six-week runs a year in the basement at the Chicago Theatre.  The show aims to highlight all the diverse wonder that is a major city paper by bringing all sorts of people – politicians, artists and undiscovered gems – to life.

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