L.H. Selman Ltd.

August 12th, 2010

L. H. Selman, Ltd. is a name that has been synonymous with the finest antique and contemporary paperweights for over 40 years. As the country’s premier dealer in fine art glass paperweights our mission is to promote the very best by exhibiting and selling through our gallery and at auction the finest examples made in centuries past, and by nurturing new talent emerging from contemporary independent studios.

L. H. Selman Ltd. has a sterling reputation, forged through years of working together with our clients to help them build discriminating and sophisticated collections.

We maintain an expansive paperweight gallery and museum in Chicago, Illinois, with the largest collection of antique and contemporary paperweights anywhere. –Selman.com, our online presence, allows collectors to browse some of our inventory, read artists’ profiles, and order works of art.

  • We hold auctions, each accompanied by a full-color catalogue, and hold periodic exclusive online auctions, both of which offer collectors the chance to acquire some of the very best in antique, contemporary, and secondary-market pieces.
  • Our full-color brochures present new work from accomplished masters and emerging artists, as well as offerings from our antique collection.
  • Paperweight Press, our publishing house, offers a full spectrum of literature exploring the art and science of paperweights and glass art.
  • Our professional consultants are dedicated to the highest level of service and attention to detail with every client, from the casual collector to the serious connoisseur.

With a depth of knowledge and an ability to educate and advise individuals in developing their collections, we make a commitment that says, “Invest with confidence, you’ll receive only the best from L. H. Selman Ltd.”

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