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January 16th, 2012

Its a new year and time for new things.  As you may know, THE DINNER PARTY launches this January 30th.   However, Fear No ART is also launching a new monthly blog giving a small panoramic overview of what is going on each month.  Due to only so many hours in a day and a limited staff, what could easily be a daily blog is going to start as monthly blog.   Some of the things I have seen myself. Some of the things sound interesting and I am going to see as soon as they open.  So I ask you – in your life – “got ART?”  If not, here’s you chance to go get some!

1. Rene Romero Schuler’s solo show at the Jennifer Norback Fine Art Gallery is up through the end of the month and shows incredible sensitivity to the female state; the outer image and the more ephemeral internal spirit. Schuler’s work has real presence that comes off the canvas; but the truly great news here is that there are pieces of all sizes and prices ranges, so living with one of these beauties in your own home is a real possibility.

2. Nicholas Barron. I love him. You love him. I feel so lucky that we still have him here with us in Chicago. Nicholas Barron, and his voice that represents our city: soulful, gritty and true, debuts his new band at Schubas on January 18. Always a great show, always a good time. I will be there in the back at my favorite seat in the house. ( Nicholas is also the opening act at The Dinner Party on January 30.)

3. Albany Park Theatre Project. I am hooked; a newly converted fan. I love this theatre and what it stands for. “APTP creates original theatre that shares the real-life stories of urban teens, immigrants, and working-class Americans. With its characteristic humanity, creativity, and optimism, the award-winning APTP ensemble brings to vivid theatrical life these stories of desire, risk, resilience, heroism, love, and hope – as immigrant families strive to stay together and make a better life in the land they’ve come to call home.” The play Home/Land opens on January 20 and runs through February  25.

4. STUCK UP: A selected history of alternative & pop culture told through stickers is at the Maxwell Collette Gallery through March. This is what the press release says, “This museum-quality traveling exhibition, curated by ex-rave, D.J. D.B. Burkeman from his extensive personal collection, provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore the expanding role that stickers have played in popular culture over the past four decades.” Sounds cool, different, and interesting to me! The opening is January 20 and a book signing with street art photographer Martha Cooper and Burkeman is January 21st.

5. Chicagoan David Mamet’s play, Race, is at The Goodman Theatre. I have tickets for January 23 and I have been waiting on pins and needles to see this performance, directed by Chuck Smith. The Goodman has had an incredible season thus far, kicking off with the phenomenal Red, ending with Crowns, and simmering with Race, smack in the middle. I’m sure Race will have me on the edge of my seat. See you there.

Sadly there is much that has already happened this month that was great. Did you see Jimmy Carrane’s Improv Nerd interview Mick Napier? I missed it and am still mad about it. I did catch Susan Messing’s Messing with a Friend with guest Tracey Letts. God, that was fun! Of Course, there was Sketch Fest and my very favorite play of 2011 which plays through January at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Elizabeth Rex. I was also at the Jon Langford “Freaker’s Ball” tribute to Shel Silverstein at the Hideout, which is going to go down as one of my most fun evenings of 2012, I am sure.

Don’t miss the re-release of Steve Dawson’s band Dolly Varden’s first album, Mouthful of Lies, coming up at Schubas on the 28th.  We have barely scratched the surface of all the great stuff this month! There is so much to see and do that is fun, inspiring, accessible, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-expanding.  Got ART?  Yes, we do!

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