Filming in Close Quarters

September 20th, 2011

In an era when a laugh is most needed and a feature can be shot for less than $100,000, writer/director team, Ron Falzone and Jack C. Newell, respectively, are taking advantage of the independent market with their improvisational feature comedy, Close Quarters, starring Second City veteran Susan Messing [Watch Fear No Art Chicago’s interview with Messing]. Following the 2010 festival premiere of their short film comedy at Chicago International Film Festival, Typing, the founding partners of Zaxie Films, the pair wrote and directed Close Quarters, which will screen Oct 31st at Film Row Cinema (by invitation).

In the film, a barista couple weigh the longevity of their relationship against the ensemble cast of customers who freely share their doomed-to-fail views on life and love. “You know he’s going eat your heart and shit your soul out” says a depressive blond woman.

The vain, perverse, argumentative, poignant, and unforgettable dialogue in the trailer promises a captivating premiere. Existential and nymphomaniacal questions remind me of many one-on-one conversations with my married friends: “If you left your wife, what would you use,” from one older gentleman to another. The closer the quarters, the more honest people get.

Watch the trailer below and read more about editor Jill DiBiase and the trials of cutting around improved dialogue at DIY

Nefarious Productions, Produced by Joe Rosengarten. Edited by Jill DiBiase. Featuring Bill Arnett, Jim Carlson, Colleen Doyle, Jet Eveleth, Greg Hollimon, Noah Gregopolis, Lindsay Hailey, TJ Jagodowski, Bruce Jarchow, Tim Kazurinsky, Sherra Lasley, Nicky Margolis, Susan Messing, Linda Orr, Dave Pasquesi, Seth Unger, Erica Unger.

Requests to attend the premiere can be sent at

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