Disaster Planning and Response Art Rescue

February 5th, 2011

Disaster Planning and Responce Art Rescue (DPR Art Rescue) is two fold in focus with approaches for both before and after disasters. Unlike most first responders, DPR Art Rescue offers disaster planning as preparation for the unthinkable. With a DPR plan in place, we already know what we’re up against BEFORE we get to the scene; thusly lessening the odds of further damage and lessening the time on the site. Getting the artwork out correctly and efficiently will save money in both the evacuation and restoration processes. Each plan consists of a report containing: piece inventory, condition report, location sheet, evacuation route, building specifications, packing materials list and packing instructions which is filed at our office. For items that require crafting, those crates can be prefabricated and stored for a very nominal fee or produced fairly quickly after the disaster. If indeed a disaster occurs, where most responders are surveying the scene to figure out the next step, we’re coming with all facts and everything in hand: equipment, materials, crating, and man power to get the job done safely; without guess work. In addition to the planning aspect of DPR, we have in-house conservators for both artwork and furniture, climate controlled storage facilities and consultation services to deal with the aftermath. If we didn’t write a plan for you, DPR Art Rescue is still an excellent choice to call for any art world disaster: large or small. Our experienced eye wll lend in getting the evacuation done quickly and our reputation insures it will be done correctly. DPR Art Rescue simply has the best resources in the business, all under one roof, to help you restore a treasured part of your life to normalcy.

For more information on exactly what DPR Art Rescue can do for you, please visit our web-site as www.dprartrescue.com

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