June 6th, 2010

Fear No ART Chicago relies on the donations of people who love the arts, people like you. After researching and interviewing scores of artists, I host the show and webisodes with the help of a hired, talented team of videographers, editors and co-producers. With the final show or video ready,  I then market and connect Fear No ART Chicago to the outside world.  I also find underwriters and sponsors; but, in today’s economy, it can never match the costs of production.    The reality is that Fear No ART Chicago relies on the donations of art lovers to cover the gap.

If you like what you see, if you want to show your support, if you want Fear No ART Chicago to continue to discover the artists behind the art, please donate any amount.

The suggested amount is $15*, the average price of a small venue theater performance in the city, but the choice is yours and everything helps!

*At the $15 level, we will send you a CD by the Webstirs, creators of the original music you hear on Fear No ART Chicago.  At the $45 level, we will send you a Fear No ART Chicago t-shirt, so you will be stylin’!


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