Disaster Planning & Response Art Rescue

October 16th, 2011

Join host Elysabeth Alfano as she goes behind of the scenes of DPR Art Rescue to learn the conservation techniques that bring precious artwork back to life.

Disaster Planning & Response Art Rescue

Evacuation: Time is crucial during a disaster and a quick response becomes the decisive element of preventing the disaster from becoming a catastrophe. Our 24-hour emergency response team is comprised of in-house conservators and professional art handlers ready to challenge any scope of work. We mobilize quickly to assess, stabilize, de-install, professionally pack, and transport artwork to safety. The utilization of museum quality archival materials and customized crating ensures complete protection. Our fleet of climate controlled, air-ride trucks have the volume to accommodate any sized evacuation and provides a safe environment for travel.

Disaster Response Plan: The goal of our custom Disaster Response Plan is to effectively manage in a chaotic environment. Our plan controls risk and establishes a comprehensive and ordered strategy to minimize the stress and chaos characteristic of evacuating artwork during a disaster. When creating a Disaster Response Plan, DPR will:

*Consult with the client
*Create an inventory database using specific detail
*Prioritize objects for removal
*Map out ideal and alternative evacuation routes
*Develop strategies for a variety of disaster situations
*Fabricate and store customized crating and materials for objects
*Keep your plan on file ready for implementation

Conservation & Restoration: The knowledge and experience of DPR Art Rescue conservators assures expert treatment of paintings, murals, sculpture, works on paper, antique and fine furniture, architectural elements and historic ephemera. Following the removal and assessment process, the commencement of conservation and restoration procedures are initiated, individualized to each object and related disaster. DPR Art Rescue will execute: — The removal of pollutants without compromising the integrity of artwork — Consolidation and stabilization — Long-term storage capability — Re-installation

Storage: With over 150,000 square feet of climate controlled storage DPR is prepared to meet the demands of any emergency. Our storage facilities feature state of the art security systems offering 24/7 protection with camera monitoring, integrated sensors monitoring interior motion, smoke, moisture and temperature with both telephone and radio back up. An interior dock provides DPR the ability to unload our trucks in a stable environment free from the weather- the artwork leaves the climate controlled truck into the climate controlled warehouse. A viewing room is available for the client to visit with our professionals to review the artwork, restoration options and procedures.

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