Design Interrupted by Morlen Sinoway

July 20th, 2010

Hello to all you design aficionados!

Before too much water goes under the bridge, I have to put my first foot forward by giving design kudos to the participants of the 2010 Night of Design commonly known as the “Guerrilla Truck Show.” Chicago is second to none in the design arena and this was proven approximately a month ago during this rarified grassroots event that takes place parallel to Neocon in Chicago.

For those of you who are not in the know, Neocon is the largest arena for commercial contract furniture, and where launches of new and sometimes exciting products attract an international and national audience. That being said, the “Guerrilla Truck Show” is the perfect event to attract the attention of this captive audience. The one-night-only event is now celebrating its sixth year, showcasing the finest design and creative ideas relating to furniture, objects, accessories, product design, and art. The vignettes, which are staged in box rental trucks (hence the name Guerrilla Truck Show), display creative ideas that are nothing short of what this beautiful country has to offer. The design community is rooted in Chicago’s past as a creative Mecca, supporting architecture, product and industrial design, and the fine arts. Chicago is known for being a rustbelt powerhouse, its building, manufacturing, movies, television, radio, clothing, and being the “hog butcher to the world,” (shoes and leather goods).

Apologies for the history lesson, back to the truck show. The intent of this event is to give the creative forces in Chicago an opportunity to keep their juices flowing. Chicago’s talent is bottomless and should be recognized on an international level. In addition to over thirty trucks, the event also featured thirteen venues of original and innovative designs and products. Several design collaboratives and guerrillas were featured at the show, such as the AIGA award-winning dynamic duo Studio 1AM, iPhone cases from Scott Wilson’s Uncommon, Studio MurMur, Bickermade, Jason Wade of 45°, Post 27, Lapel (a collaborative between Angela Finney-Hoffman of Post27 and Stone Blitzer), Craighton Berman, Object Design League, Strand Studio, Trevor O’Neil, and Object Society, just to name a few. Also represented were students from the local design launching pads, Harrington College of Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Show was so intriguing as to bring out the heavyweights from the Neocon Trade Show. Several manufactures and members from the press were spotted mingling and scouting out the goods in the thirty-plus box trucks and joining venues. This design torch will be carried into Chicago’s future. Viva La Guerrillas of Design!

-Morlen Sinoway

Morlen Sinoway is an artist, furniture designer, interior designer, teacher, and all around creative. He has also been given the badge of “Agent Provocateur” …and new to his repertoire, blogger. He hopes that you enjoy his blog and join him in living life to its fullest.

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