Cirque du Soleil

July 19th, 2012

I have always been in awe of Cirque du Soleil.  Not just because they don’t use animals in their performances, but because each performance that I have ever seen centers around the delicate, ethereal relationship between the earth, its element and our overarching human condition that hovers in between.

Cirque du Soleil remains one of the most creative performance companies in the world with an international impact that addresses and connects all peoples around the globe through its powerful artistry of acrobatics and storytelling through the physical form. Truly addressing the audience from a multi-cultural,  one world, one people approach, Cirque achieves a level of beauty through song, dance/performance and acrobatics that borders on magical.

Enjoy this interview with Cirque du Soleil artist Amanda Orozco and Head Coach Michael Ocampo who stopped to talk to me behind the scenes while on tour with Cirque’s<em> Dralion</em>.   They discuss the rigors of performing with the troupe, life on the road and the perfect combination of artisty and athleticism.  See what it is really like to run away and join the circus!

Elysabeth Circque

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