Chicago Art Magazine’s Week in Review by Kathyrn Born

September 24th, 2010

Photographers Battle Painters on Basketball Court on Friday, Artist Reception to Follow

Someone mentioned this upcoming event in an editorial meeting and it so quickly and absolutely trumped everything else on the schedule that our “News of the Week” or “Pick of the Weekend” simply comes down to this one, simple, totally unknown gem of an event. One in which Painters and Photographers, Video and Film artists all compete in an athletic show of prowess.

Whoever wins gets a $10,000 grant from the city. Ok, I just made that up. But it would be cool if we could compete for funding in new and fun ways.

Here is the scoop:

Thanks to the work of the team at Noble & Superior Projects – a longstanding arthouse battle will be decided this Friday courtside. This is an aesthetic showdown that will tip-off prior to the exhibition – RON ARTIST: MVP (Malleability vs. Preservation) and Noble & Superior Projects will play to this “legendary”  basketball tournament. In one bracket Painters vs. Photographers are pitted against one another, and, in the other bracket Film vs. Video faces-off. There are no try-outs in this game- these teams were curated  “based on the artists’ work and commitment to their medium”. The game is all in good fun and it is fairly obvious that this is a show-down  satirizing the artworld’s obsession with medium-specificity and the snipey who-does-it-better battles.

It does lead one to wonder: besides breaking a sweat, what else is at stake here? The losing group still gets their work in the show, but has to hang their work upside down. No tickets necessary for tomorrow’s gamer so, do yourself a favor and come on down for the exhibition pre-game and see which camp claims dominance once and for all.

The Lineup includes the ball-skills and work of:  Lindsay Apatow, Ben Balcom, April Behnke, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Joey Carr, Emilie Crewe, Matt Cummings, Lori Felker, Yasi Ghanbari, Samuel Gove, Jordan Grimes, Jeriah Hildwine, Randy Sterling Hunter, Seth Hunter, Tom McCormack, Ross Meckfessel, Josh Sampson, Kristen Stokes, Vincent Uribe and Corrine Webb.

The exhibition runs from September 24, 2010 – October 23, 2010 at Noble & Superior Projects. 1418 W. Superior, Chicago, IL.

-Kathryn Born

Kathryn is the Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Art Magazine, which includes a network of additional websites about arts and culture. She is a conceptual artist and writer, whose work has appeared on Chicago Public Radio, Time Out, RedEye and Chicago Tribune. She has three books due to be published, the first being The Lovers, the Death, and the Crimes, published by StepSister Press due for release on September 23, 2010.

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