Chicago Art Magazine’s Week in Review by Kathryn Born

August 13th, 2010

This week in Chicago’s Art Scene… not a whole lot happened. The closest thing I have to news is that Dominic Molone, the MCA curator, is leaving for the St. Louis Art Museum.

So when things really start to grind to halt in these dog days of summer, I turn to the most valiant gallery hoppper I know, our Managing Editor, Stephanie Burke. She writes two, not one, two weekly list sets about what’s going on this week.

If you’re new to town and want to go where the people dance, then follow her picks religiously. She does a complete list at her own site here, and she mapped out every damn gallery in the original art map. So if she says jump, you ask her how damn high.

You should click on the link, as it has nifty pictures, but I’ll do a spoiler alert: with the exception of Kasia Kay, this week they’re all alternative spaces because the galleries are REALLY on break now. Rotofugi takes the cake, being a hybrid of art gallery and toy store. Their program is outstanding.

Doug Stapleton, king of collage and curator of the Illinois State Museum has a collage at Eyeporium that sells out so cotton-pickin fast it makes your head spin. I told him he needs interns to use little scissors and cut out all those little shapes – beef up production.

Remember only one thing, children, as you embark into that hot, dark night: there are two kinds of galleries in this town: ones that are air conditioned, and ones that aren’t.

-Kathryn Born

Kathryn is the Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Art Magazine, which includes a network of additional websites about arts and culture. She is a conceptual artist and writer, whose work  has appeared on Chicago Public Radio, Time Out, RedEye and Chicago Tribune.  She has three books due to be published, the first being The Lovers, the Death, and the Crimes, published by StepSister Press due for release on September 23, 2010.

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