Cha Cha Cha Cha Cherry Bomb!

January 19th, 2012

If you haven’t bought a ticket to The Dinner Party, Chicago’s one-of-kind live arts interview show on Monday, January 30, you will now. We told you we’d reveal one dish a week before the show premieres, and here it is. The first dishes served by celebrity guest chef Homaro Cantu (MOTO, ING restaurants) are…Cherry Bombs! Warning! These may explode with delicious flavor in your mouth.

Do you remember that song by The Runaways made so famous by the voice of punk girl rocker, Joan Jett? Think of that song while you taste the savory corn and mole bomb. Then confuse your senses by popping a Miracle Berry, which will block your sour buds and hyperactive your sweet senses. Did you know Cantu is working on a book about The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook and how to live sweeter through the zero-calorie tablet affectionately known as mBerry. TED claims “The pill could do away with the need for refined sugar, leading to innumerable health benefits.”

Cantu is also Chairman and Founder of Cantu Designs. Here’s what they’re doing to tackle some of the toughest design challenges of our time:

Cantu Designs is a Chicago Based Food Design firm that specializes in highly innovative patent pending food technology. We serve as consultants to some of the world’s fortune 500 companies on product development, franchise opportunities and R&D. On the forefront of the green movement, Cantu is currently working on alternative energy technologies that address the reduction of our carbon footprint, energy saving kitchen wares, pharmaceutical products derived from organic sources, as well as cutting edge food products.  Cantu’s current projects also cross over into franchising, aerospace and famine relief.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we reveal the second Cantu creation served at The Dinner Party. Meanwhile, purchase your tickets to the live show. Seats are selling fast.

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