Behind the Scenes: Dancing with Jorge Niedas

October 8th, 2010

By the time we get to Jorge’s studio for the shoot, it is 2:45 pm on August 19th.  The crew has been working since 7:45 am and need to break for lunch.  I, on the other hand, need to put on my dancing shoes.

I had tried to take a tango lesson with Jorge before our actual on camera escapade and interview, but each effort was botched.  I arrived too late for  the first lesson.  I didn’t bring the right shoes for the second lesson, and by the time the shoot came, I actually – – true to what I say on camera – – had never really had a lesson.

So I send the team off to lunch, do a wardrobe change and ask Jorge to give me some quick pointers before we have to do it all on camera.  And if I look panicky on film, it is because I am a bundle of nerves!   Jorge would say, “It’s ok. It’s like we are walking and talking.”  But I couldn’t talk.  I couldn’t say one word! I had to concentrate so hard on following his lead….but somehow still have an interview.  Oh, it could have gone so wrong! Jorge handled it like a pro and I think the the interview really shows what it is like to pick up tango lessons from zero. Yikes!

We shoot with Jorge  from 3:30 to about 5:15, and then do a outro to the show until 5:45.  By the time the crew packs up and fabulous videographer John Ford gets back to HMS Media to put away the equipment, it has been a 13 hour shoot day.

Fear No ART Chicago airs on WTTW on

October 8th @ 8:30pm

October 18 @ 10:30 pm

October 24 @ 5:30 pm and

October 31 @ 12:30 pm

If I can pick up tango, anyone can! I hope you enjoy the show.

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