Comedian Brian Babylon, Frank Orrall and Chef John Manion

April 3rd, 2013

orall bug suitDid you miss that April 1 Dinner Party?  That’s crazy! It was great.  See below for the clips: stand up comedy by Brian Babylon, a solo by Frank Orrall, and dance performance by Ted Seymour and Ellen Green, John Manion cooking Empanadas, Kale Salad, and Pork Loin with a Black Bean Risotto, a peak in to Peggy MacNamara’s studio, the highlights of the show and the full show.  To get tix and information on the May 6th Dinner Party with Lin Brehmer, Candace Jordan, Nick Bowling of Timeline Theatre, food by Sean Pharr of NoMI Kitchen and host Elysabeth Alfano, click here.  The opening act is Hubbard Street Dance 2.

pdp-photo-credit-matt-carmichael2  Peggy headshot 2  Ted seymour rehearsal  Ted SeymourLaSirena_Stirring2  LaSirena_Plating2  Brian Babylon 2

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